L O G O  D E S I G N  -  W E B D E S I G N

nintendo concept


Planet earth is being attacked by awesome creatures! Offcourse there is one skate dude who can save us from doom! In this 8-bit retro arcade skateboarding game it's your mission to protect the world from a zombie and alien invasion. Aliens have hypnotized humanity and offcourse there is only one way to survive.. Cruise your board, drink coffee, eat pizza and donuts to earn extra points and make that creatures go melt with your amazing epic tricks! Keep on rollin!


After playing on the Super Nintendo for a day and skateboarding outside, my son Nev (7 years old) said: Dad, I want to make a skateboard game! He started by drawing out his beautiful imaginative game ideas. I immediately agreed when I heard his story! Nev: "The aliens have hypnotized all the people in the world and turned into zombies and only the skate dude can save the world by doing cool tricks on his board!" I said: "This sounds so cool I'll start designing the 8-bit characters right away"! After many brainstorming sessions, drawings and designs, we had the game made by Naczos.pl He made the character go jump over enemies, pick-up pizza slices and score points on your smartphone by tapping the screen! In our free time we like pizza and donuts as "food" and I often drink coffee as a barista and designer, so we added this as pick-ups in the game! All the cool elements of the skateboarding lifestyle are in this epic retro arcade skateboarding game! Are you the skateboarder who will save our world from destruction?